A simpler way to trade internationally

We provide a suite of products designed for Small to Medium-Sized Enterprises (SMEs).

Our cost-effective solutions simplify the management of international payments and foreign exchange.

Our specialised bank service for SMEs complements your present bank arrangements, with a specific focus on international payments, and consists of:

  • Multi-currency current accounts
  • Cross currency notional pooling
  • Instant deposit accounts
  • Term deposit accounts
  • Overdraft, short-term loans and payments
  • High-quality relationship management
  • Expert payments team

We are part of BFC Group, which has operated a global money remittance and foreign currency operation throughout Asia, Middle East and the UK for many years. We understand the challenges for SMEs who trade overseas.

Fairness and transparency are at the heart of everything we do.

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What are international payments?

An international payment is the transfer of money to or from another country. You may find that other banks typically charge significant fees and foreign exchange (FX) charges for international payments. We have made it easy and cost-effective to make international payments.


Multi-currency accounts

Multi-currency accounts with cross currency notional pooling. Our multi-currency accounts are an efficient and cost-effective way to manage cash across multiple currencies. 'Notional pooling' means you do not have to buy currencies for short-term funding obligations, so you do not incur extra costs.


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