At last, a bank that understands PSPs

We know it is important for Payment Service Providers (PSPs) to access UK domestic payment and cash management services.

Fewer banks provide current accounts and financial services to you. When they do, significant foreign exchange charges are a further burden for you.

At BFC Bank, we take a refreshing approach.

We are part of BFC Group which has operated a global money remittance and foreign currency operation for many years through offices in the UK, Asia and the Middle East. As a result, we are well placed to understand your requirements and challenges.

Our products are tailored to help PSPs access domestic and international payment gateways. We work to the highest compliance standards, and combine integrity with up-to-date technology to provide secure and compliant banking for PSPs.

We only work with organisations that meet our high standards of compliance. Before you become a client our compliance team must review your compliance to regulation. There is an ongoing monthly compliance fee to cover the cost of enhanced due diligence, tailored to your risk profile.

Speak to our Relationship Management team for more information or register your interest to become a client.

Multi-currency accounts

Multi-currency accounts with cross currency notional pooling. Our multi-currency accounts are an efficient and cost-effective way to manage cash across multiple currencies. 'Notional pooling' means you do not have to buy currencies for short-term funding obligations, so you do not incur extra costs.


What are international payments?

An international payment is the transfer of money to or from another country. You may find that other banks typically charge significant fees and foreign exchange (FX) charges for international payments. We have made it easy and cost-effective to make international payments.