Basic requirements to open an account

  • You must be a UK incorporated entity.
  • You can prove that your turnover exceeds £5m per annum.
  • You can provide up to date financial statement(s), or, if newly incorporated, detailed forecasts and business plan as well as management accounts.
  • All principals and beneficial owners have to be “fit and proper”. We do not accept any parties with convictions that relate to criminal, money laundering or terrorism financing offences.
  • You have the means to transact and communicate online with BFC Bank.
  • You provide all the required supporting documentation to prove identity and existence etc. as specified in the account opening form.
  • You do not and, will agree not to operate or transact in sanctioned countries or in those countries outside BFC Bank’s risk model.
  • If you are a regulated entity you must be licenced and fully compliant with your local regulatory and AML requirements. For BFC Bank classified high risk entities you must pass a compliance assessment that is undertaken on a risk based approach. (Payment Service Providers only).
  • You may apply if you are in the process of authorisation; the application and supporting documentation is required. (Payment Service Providers only).

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Multi-currency accounts

Multi-currency accounts with cross currency notional pooling. Our multi-currency accounts are an efficient and cost-effective way to manage cash across multiple currencies. 'Notional pooling' means you do not have to buy currencies for short-term funding obligations, so you do not incur extra costs.


Rates and charges

We provide a new way of pricing for Small to Medium-sized Enterprises (SMEs) and Payment Service Providers (PSPs) that is clear, appropriate and fair. We fully disclose all rates and charges.


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Basic requirements
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