Overdrafts, short-term loans and same day exposures

Many businesses use overdrafts and short-term loans to bridge gaps before incoming funds are received. They can also allow outgoing payments or the delivery of banknotes pending receipts of covering funds on the same day.

We may provide overdrafts and short-term loans available after your account has been active for three months, subject to a credit assessment. Overdrafts and short-term loans are repayable on demand and are for periods of less than 12 months (364 days maximum).

Our overdrafts and short-term loans are available in up to 20 currencies to help fund and facilitate international trade. They cannot be used for capital expenditure and there must be a known source of repayment.

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Multi-currency accounts

Multi-currency accounts with cross currency notional pooling. Our multi-currency accounts are an efficient and cost-effective way to manage cash across multiple currencies. 'Notional pooling' means you do not have to buy currencies for short-term funding obligations, so you do not incur extra costs.


Committed to compliance

Robust compliance and in-depth client due diligence are critical for any organisation in the regulatory intensive payments sector. We take regulatory and compliance obligations extremely seriously in all facets of our business.


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