Specialist services designed for SMEs

Small to Medium-sized Enterprises (SMEs) face many challenges.

The volatility of GBP, a shortage of financing, increased competition and an uncertain economic environment.

We understand that you need to keep overheads low, manage cash flow and develop the right import-export strategies. That is what drives our business.

FX charges

If you make regular international payments, or have overseas operations, you may face significant foreign exchange (FX) charges. Banks earn sizeable, typically undisclosed revenues through spreads on FX transactions. You may not see a full breakdown of your FX costs as the spread can be hidden.

We offer a new approach for SMEs

Low FX spreads

We provide basic corporate banking products such as international transactions, multi-currency cash management and UK domestic payments. Our banking products are designed to simplify overseas payments and FX, and complement your other banking arrangements. We offer SMEs online multi-currency accounts and we publish FX spreads that are as low as possible.

Cross-currency notional pooling

You may notionally pool currency current accounts, subject to prior agreement. For example, if you have GBP in your account but lack USD, the short USD position may be cash collateralised by the long GBP position. You can then make the USD payments.

With 'notional pooling', you cover a position and avoid FX transaction and associated charges. It removes the cost of forward contracts and currency purchases you may face to meet a short term need. This delivers tangible savings to your bottom line.

Transparent FX costs

We are transparent about our FX charges. We provide clear information on our tariffs. This transparency gives you the confidence you need from a corporate bank and a benchmark against other providers. International payments and FX are our core strengths. We have a long history of industry-leading FX expertise that we make available to you through our team of knowledgeable Relationship Managers.

Your specialist banking partner

We have direct access to the UK Faster Payments Scheme as a full independent member; we are also a member of SWIFT. We help firms reduce their cost base through fairly-priced, innovative products designed to increase operational efficiency and improve cash management.

Speak to our Relationship Management team for more information or register your interest to become a client.

What are international payments?

An international payment is the transfer of money to or from another country. You may find that other banks typically charge significant fees and foreign exchange (FX) charges for international payments. We have made it easy and cost-effective to make international payments.


Current accounts

Our current accounts are ideal for companies with international trading requirements. Small to Medium-sized Enterprises (SMEs) and Payment Service Providers (PSPs) that turn over between £5 million and £50 million a year may open a current account with us.