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Enter your User ID and password to gain access to your BFC Bank online portal.

Online banking homepage

Client summary

From here you can instantly view a summary of your account.

The drop down menu gives you instant access to your additional client accounts.
You can view a summary of your accounts, starting with the high level balances.

You can click on the account to see the transactions.

Client Summary

You can view recent transactions and then click again for details of each transaction.

Client Summary

You can click selected transactions to view the payment process details.

Client Summary

Administration options

Select the Administration option from the side menu to view addresses, your credit limits and set permissions. You can also change your password from this menu.

Client Addresses

Client addresses

Select Client addresses to see the address. To edit or change the address you need to contact your relationship manager.

Client Addresses

Client credit limits

Select Credit limits to view the client granted limits. To change the client limits you need to contact your relationship manager.

Client Addresses


Select Permissions to see the permissions granted to each user. Choose the user you want to view from the drop down menu. You can add and edit permission status, levels and access rights from this screen.

Client Addresses

This is the screen to use to set specific permissions and authorisation levels.

Client Addresses

Change your password

It is quick and easy to change your password from the Change password screen.

Client Addresses

Account list

Choose Accounts to view and perform a range of activities associated with your accounts. The screen can display all accounts, including those with zero balances, or only those with positive or negative balances. Account details are displayed in interactive rows, just like the earlier screens. You then click on the row to access specific account information. (view statement below).

Account List Account List

Account Pooling

Select Account Pooling list to see a list of all accounts or just those with a zero balance.

Account List

Account Interest Conditions

You can instantly view both received and paid interest rates on the account you have selected by the drop down menu.

Account List


Select Transactions from the Account menu to view all transactions within a certain time period. You can select the kind of transaction to view, and sort by value date or transaction date.

Account List

As you can see from the screen below, you have the option to choose the date from a calendar.

Account List


You can do a lot from this screen.
You can search for payments by date, amount or currency.
You can set a filter to see payments by status and select a beneficiary.
You can set a filter to see payments by order type and select a beneficiary.
From here you can also add, amend and delete payments.

Account Payment

Payment beneficiaries

From this screen you can view and control where you make payments to.
You can view beneficiaries and amend and validate their status.

Account Payment Account Payment

Manage beneficiaries

This screen allows to Add New Beneficiaries and copy (+) from an existing one.
You can also delete a beneficiary.

Account Payment

Authorise payments

From the Authorise Payments menu, you can view a list of payments waiting to be authorised. It allows you to authorise, refuse or cancel payments.

Authorise Payments


You can view a list of permissions and set the status of each. You can also edit permissions, and see a record of changes that have been made, when and who made them.

Authorise Payments Authorise Payments


Your BFC Bank portal allows you to send and receive messages.
Any messages you send are recorded in your Sent Messages folder.

Messages Messages