Integrity through stringent compliance

Robust compliance and in-depth client due diligence are critical for any organisation in the regulatory intensive payments sector.

Compliance in financial services is an absolute prerequisite to deliver a quality service to clients. Shortcomings in compliance policies or non-adherence to regulation have severe consequences.

We take regulatory and compliance obligations extremely seriously in all facets of our business. We conduct thorough Know-Your-Customer (KYC) checks to verify that high Anti-Money Laundering (AML) and Counter Terrorist Financing (CTF) standards are in place.

We only work with Payment Service Providers (PSPs) that meet stringent compliance criteria, demonstrate considerable financial strength and a robust business model. We work constructively with PSPs with resilient procedures and protocols. An assessment on each prospective client is undertaken by our compliance team. There is a charge for this service which will be advised to you before it is initiated. You must make evident total compliance to AML, CTF and KYC regulation and principles.

Our global payments and cash management services comply with industry and international regulatory best practice and guidelines. To ensure full compliance, we invest in leading-edge technology, systems and personnel. We place integrity at the heart of our business and work with industry leaders to deliver a safe, secure and highly compliant service.

Speak to our Relationship Management team for more information or register your interest to become a client.

Working with SMEs

A simpler way to trade internationally. We provide a suite of products designed for Small to Medium-sized Enterprises (SMEs). Our cost-effective solutions simplify the management of international payments and foreign exchange. Our specialised bank service for SMEs complements your present bank arrangements, with a specific focus on international payments.


Working with PSPs

A bank that understands Payment Service Providers (PSPs). We offer tailored bank services that help PSPs access domestic and international payment gateways. We are part of BFC Group which has operated a global remittance and foreign currency operation for many years. We are well placed to understand the requirements of fellow PSPs.