Cash collection

Cash collection is part of BFC Bank's Wholesale Currency Service that offers travel money providers multi-currency cash pickup and delivery in a secure environment. Current account holders can take advantage of this easy-to-manage solution, which is supported by dedicated, experienced staff.

If you need a Wholesale Currency Service, please speak with our experts.

Multi-Currency Accounts with cross currency pooling

Multi-currency accounts with cross currency pooling provide an efficient and cost-effective method of cash management across multiple currencies. Customers are able to pool their balances across multiple currencies up to a pre-agreed limit. Read more >>


Transparent fees - clarity at last for SMEs and PSPs

Many Small to Medium-sized Enterprises (SMEs) and PSPs struggle to understand banking fees and FX charges. The difficulty in identifying the precise nature and breakdown of charges arises when banks are not transparent in how they charge clients and bundle costs. Read more >>