Technology is in BFC Bank's DNA. As a new entrant into the UK market, BFC Bank is not constrained by legacy technology, systems or processes that make adapting to new market conditions difficult and costly to achieve.

BFC Bank has taken an innovative approach to how technology supports clients to create highly efficient, cost-effective, secure processes that promote better business.

BFC Bank's client-focused product development, assured security and a user experience with governed self-service at its heart are all technology driven.

BFC Bank is online only, which translates into lower charges for clients than charges associated with historical bricks-and-mortar operations. BFC Bank's online service is designed to let clients work faster and smarter. Eligible BFC Bank clients take advantage of products that eliminate transaction charges, such as multi-currency notional cash pooling. BFC Bank's online, real-time proposition also provides clear visibility of rates and margins, which enables clients to make better informed decisions about timing and execution.

While BFC Bank has invested heavily in leading technology as a strong differentiator, its service is far from being a virtual service. BFC Bank clients are supported by relationship managers and a dedicated, expert team.

Current Accounts

A current account allows instant access to real-time balances and transaction information in up to 20 currencies. Accounts can be included in BFC Bank's multi-currency pooling group, subject to approval. Clients can make and receive electronic payments internationally and carry out foreign exchange transactions. Read more >>


Transparent fees - clarity at last for SMEs

BFC Bank makes it easier for Small to Medium-sized Enterprises (SMEs) to understand banking fees and FX charges. SMEs may struggle to identify the precise nature and breakdown of charges when banks are not transparent in how they charge clients and bundle costs. Read more >>